What Color Suit is the Best Investment?

When building the ultimate wardrobe, two of the most important elements to consider are your budget and the versatility of the garment(s). While some men are required to wear business wear to work every day many office dress codes have shifted to evolve with a more casual environment. This has left a lot of wiggle room for the average man to not necessarily need to invest in a suit – until (of course) the time comes when he inevitably needs one, unfortunately doesn’t own one, and does not know which color suit to choose to maximize versatility the next time this situation occurs. At Ted’s Clothiers, we’ve received countless questions on the matter and have unanimously concluded that the most versatile suit to incorporate into your wardrobe is either charcoal or navy. These two colors are appropriate for every occasion, be it work, interviews, weddings (unless the invitation calls for black tie!), fundraisers, events, funerals, etc. One added bonus to purchasing navy over charcoal, is that the navy suit jacket could be worn with khakis for a more casual look at less formal occasions.

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