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We understand that it can be intimidating to rent a tux or suit if it’s your first rodeo – however, we pride ourselves in making this seemingly daunting task a piece of cake!

1. Consider which style is most appropriate for your event
a. Black Tie Event – Either a Tuxedo or a black suit is appropriate
b. Formal Event – Here you can get away with a suit, does not need to be black, you can do a Navy, or any shade of grey, pending on season.
c. Seasons – If you are attending a wedding in Spring or Summer Go for the light colors. If you are attending a wedding in Fall or Winter stick with your medium – dark colors, no light grey!
d. If you have any questions about what to wear we are always here to help!

2. Know the difference between a tux and a suit
a. A tux is dressier, with a different lapel, piping down the pant seams, and cloth buttons
b. A suit’s lapels are the same material as the rest of the suit and its buttons are typically make of plastic or tusk like material and come in different colors to accent the suit color.

3. Decide on which fit complements your body type
a. Traditional fit: classic, fuller cut
b. Modern fit: more fashion forward, flattering silhouette
c. Slim fit: contemporary look with a slenderizing cut and tapered pants

4. Consider the color of your shirt and tie
a. If you are in a bridal party, make sure you match your shirt to the white or ivory shade of her dress – it is a major faux pas to clash with the bride’s dress or throw off her shade
b. If you are going with a date, match the color of your tie/bowtie to her dress

5. Timeframe
a. Please allow us 1 week at minimum to bring your rental in. However, we are able to help up until the day before the event with additional shipping charges.
b. During Prom Season (April-May) allow 2 weeks minimum to place your order to get your first choice as the tuxedos/suits are limited in sizes due to rental volume.

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