The New Over Coat


An overcoat seems like an antiquated piece of clothing from an bygone era. The long, shin length coats were a staple in many depression and prewar photographs, but the jacket has fallen out of favor with a menswear landscape that’s increasingly dependent on athletic clothing and temperature controlled environments.

However, there is still a place for a coat that can be worn over your tailored clothing. An overcoat should be able to fit over your tailored jacket, but the coat can still have high sleeve holes and a nipped waist, just like your suit. Your overcoat should still fall about your knee, if not a little below the knee.

And, the new overcoat can be worn over a hoodie, sweat pants and sneakers for a super comfy but structured look.

Colorado winters can last into April, so you still have more than enough time to rock your new overcoat. At Ted’s, we offer a variety of overcoats from our favorite collections and we can tailor it so it looks killer on you.

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