The Nautical Look

Sweating through your dress clothes is one of the worst parts of summer affairs. Between the heat, sun, and socialization it’s easy to go from dapper to drenched in a matter of minutes. The trick to staying comfortable isn’t that complicated, it just takes a bit of planning. Enter: The Nautical Look. It’s kept men confident and composed in the heat for decades. It’s timeless, sexy, sophisticated and features fabrics that breathe, which is the key to regulating body temperature. Cotton and linen are your best friends, men. Check the label and make sure your fabrics are 100% of either material; blends are not cool (pun intended). Score bonus points by opting for lighter colors that reflect the sun, rather than absorb it. For shirts, choose lightweight button downs (short sleeve is back in, but use caution – the fit is critical) or high quality, fitted V-neck t-shirts are quite enticing as well. If your even is located somewhere super causal, like on a beach, well fitted khaki shorts or linen pants are a total win if paired with the aforementioned V-neck t-shirt. Just beware not to pair linen pants with a linen top, you don’t want to get carried away. If the event is dressier, stick with khaki pants. Nautical colors are whites, stones, navys, browns, and occasionally olives, but truly preppy people are big on pastels and colors so there really are no rules. Don’t forget a brown belt, boat shoes, and sunglasses touches to pull your look together, and you’re good to go. No sweat!

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