The Midnight Tux

Attention party animals — It’s time to come out of hibernation because the weather is warming up we’re willing to bet you’ve been invited to a whole lot of soirées. Prom season is quickly approaching, directly on its heels is Wedding Season, and with that comes the obligation of sartorial suiting.

While one might feel stifled in the time-honored tradition of black tie’s “obligatory” black tux, we’re finding that the most sophisticated of men are leaning towards midnight navy in its place. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Bradley Cooper to Matt Damon (pick your poison), The Oscars’ 2017 red carpet was drenched in this dusky color. Somehow richer and more robust than its black counterparts, especially under moonlight, the navy tux adheres to all the rules of black tie dressing, while adding a nod of distinction and individuality. Stop by Ted’s to order your Midnight Tuxedo Today or check it out Online.

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