The Hottest Colors for Summer 2017

We paid close attention to the runway trends of the world’s most famous fashion shows this year, and the one thing we noticed in London, Paris, and Milan was a definitive color pallet for Spring/Summer 2017. These colors are flattering on tan skin, a bold departure from your traditional powder blue or white shirt, and will definitely get you noticed during cocktail hour at your favorite rooftop bar all summer long.


A cross between white and beige, leaning more towards the cool color scheme. Think: “greige” (a hard to describe balance between grey and beige) rather than khaki. Stone is crisp, sophisticated, and shows less stains in comparison to your basic white when someone bumps into your drink. We’re talking win-win. Stone is a great option for more casual suits, shirts, or pants.


Dusty rose, millennial pink, rose quartz (Pantone’s color of the year)…this year’s hottest colors are not just for girls. For the man willing to take a slight fashion “risk” — and let’s be honest, this really isn’t a risk at all, it’s incredibly sexy – pink is for you. It warms the skin tone, is the perfect complement to your savage tan, and attracts the female gaze. Remember, guys – “real men wear pink”.


Royal purple is a bold hue that should be part of every man’s closet. Although it may sound like it’s another color borrowed from “the girls,” we can assure you it is not. In fact, purple is the color of royalty. Keep it simple in the form of a blazer (we’re thinking it would look extra cool with stone pants), shirt, or tie and everyone will be envious of your reigning fashion sense.

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