The Decoder: The Dos and Don’ts of the Walnut Shoe

Color can be a very tricky topic to discuss. Oftentimes there are many different names for the same color, and colors also appear differently on different materials. This post is dedicated to the color of walnut leather specially in footwear. For the most accurate frame of reference, Allen Edmonds offers this “walnut” color option in almost all of their shoe styles. It is a warm, rich, light brown which could also be referred to as cognac, chestnut, caramel, etc. depending on the brand who is offering it and what their creative team decided to entitle it.

Traditionally, walnut has been considered a less formal color option in business wear, and there has been much debate on whether or not it is appropriate, and if so, what color clothing it should be paired with. As the times change, formal and business attire codes have become more casual and the rules have eased up.

At Ted’s Clothiers, we appreciate the walnut color for its warmth and natural beauty. Our rule of thumb with walnut shoes is solely to avoid black when wearing this specific shade. As for any other dress pant color, your walnut shoe will accent it nicely. Additionally, walnut shoes look equally impressive when dressing up jeans on the weekends, after work, or on “casual Fridays”.

Don’t feel boxed in by your traditional black dress shoes, as the weather warms up, you’ll be glad to add this lighter option to your wardrobe.

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