The Decoder: Pleated Pants…Do or Don’t?

Pleated Pants

If you ever find yourself wondering whether or not pleated pants are in style, stress no more. Our general rule of thumb is simple: pleated pants are out of style, UNLESS they have one reverse pleat. Reverse pleats (typically considered an Italian style) open towards the pocket, whereas forward pleats (English style) open towards the fly. Although pleats haven’t been in fashion since the 1980’s-1990’s, they are steadily making a comeback in the fashion world as of late. If you’re tired of your flat front (no seam) pants, or if you have larger legs and/or a larger waist, a single reverse pleat could be a your new best friend. While flat front pants can make pockets stick out if they are slightly snug, pleats offer a roomier alternative with a more flattering cut.

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