Seersucker: Everything You Need to Know

Spring is in the air and invitations are in the mailbox. From outdoor weddings, to beach vacations you’re going to want to look good and stay cool while doing it. While we’ve covered the topic of warm weather dressing here we thought we’d get a little more specific with one of our favorite ways to stand out from the crowd while looking extremely dapper. Enter: the Seersucker Suit. Before we get ahead of ourselves, the entire suit is definitely not a must. If you’re going to choose only one piece, we suggest leading with the jacket for more versatility. If you’re willing to take a little bit more of a plunge, the whole suit is a fantastic idea.

Seersucker is made from 100% cotton that has been woven into either stripes or plaid that alternates puckered lines with smooth lines. It is a perfectly un-done look, requiring no ironing or pressing, which is always enjoyable. Because most seersucker is unlined, it’s very important to ensure you either purchase a suit that fits you impeccably, or to have it tailored, as it will lay sloppily otherwise. The most classic color combination is the blue and white stripe, with wider stripes being more Southern-traditional, and thinner stripes more modern. Stick with classic yet contemporary summer accessories to keep your seersucker from teetering into costume territory. Remember, this look is wonderful for outdoor parties, but does not translate to anything super fancy or work related (do not wear this to a job interview). However, with the right fit, fabric, and confidence seersucker is a true classically sophisticated, beautiful addition to any man’s wardrobe.

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