Let’s Talk Ties

Let’s talk ties, fellas. Although not always necessary, ties are definitely the icing on the cake when it comes to your complete look. We hate to admit it, but ties are the one accessory that people receive the most compliments on – plus, it’s a fun way to express yourself without too much of a financial commitment. Ties add variety to your wardrobe, which is great when your trusty suit is feeling a little mundane. Follow the four tie trends below to keep your look current.

Trend One: The slightly less skinny tie

This fall, J Crew announced they would be widening their ties by ¼ inch “to keep up with today’s changing proportions.” J Crew is known to be a major influencer in men’s fashion, so we are definitely paying attention. However, we’re still embracing a fairly skinny tie but we’re happy to see some flexibility ranging from 2 ¾-3 inches. (Previously, 2 ¼-2 ½ were most commonly seen)

Trend Two: Uncomplicated Knots

According to GQ it is “uncool” for your knot to resemble a “giant Dorito.” This is advice that we can get on board with. There’s no need to overcomplicate things, keep it simple and stick with a “four-in-hand” knot which yields and nice size knot (think: not too large, too small, or too angular).

Trend Three: Hitting the correct length

Let’s be honest — this is not a trend, this is mandatory. A tie should hit right at your beltline. Case closed.

Trend Four: Solids and Sophisticated Patterns
We’re all about beautiful ties, but anything that is too bright or too wild can come across tacky. Stick to solid colors, stripes, dots, and textures. If your dying for something floral or paisley, choose carefully, and keep the scale small.

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