How to Dress Down at Work


How long have we been trying to figure out business casual? Navy pinstripe suits and dark ties can seem a bit stuffy, but slip-ons and jeans can easily get you on the Boss’s s***list. Below are a some great tips on navigating the rough waters of business casual.

Traditional Jacket and Tie Look

Incorporating a sport coat and tie into your work wardrobe is the easiest was to get away from the suit. This presents an opportunity to incorporate different patterns and colors that you wouldn’t traditionally wear while maintaining that professional silhouette. We love Paul Betenly and Jack Victor because they’re constantly pushing the envelope with their seasonal offerings. Who knew we’d sell out of purple pants a couple of seasons ago? Jack Victor knew.

Swapping Casual Pants

You can also wear more casual pants with your tailored clothing for a more casual look. Pick a traditional combination, like a striped tie and corresponding jacket, but wear a dark pair of jeans or a grey chino for a dressed down yet respectable outfit.


In a look that’s becoming increasingly popular, you can pair your professional outfit with a more casual sneaker. We recommend a simple, solid color slip on or lace up with minimal detail. This way, you still have that great, structured look while remaining comfortable and laid back.

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