Fashion Socks: The New Power Tie

Not to knock a great tie — we love them bold, bright, and beautiful (See Here) – but in recent days we’ve been seeing the ushering in of socks as the new, novelty fashion accessory. While there are many expensive pieces in your closet that you rotate often, socks are a great, relatively inexpensive way to express yourself, show off your personality, and liven up any outfit (from business to casual). The mid-calf sock is the most popular style for menswear, unless of course you are exercising! While there is a plethora of patterns out there, be sure you know how to toe the line to keep your look from veering into unprofessional territory. Anything too holiday-tacky, overly alcoholic, or down right inappropriate is a definite no-go. We appreciate a brightly colored stripe or polka dot, to keep it fun, but still appropriate for every avenue. Keep in mind that your sock should complement your pant color.

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