Dressed For The Derby

Dressed for the Derby

The Kentucky Derby has become a rite of spring for dandies. Not to be outdone by their dates, men have embraced the loudest parts of the southern preppy wardrobe and have greeted the race in an impressive array of seer sucker, nubuck shoes and charisma. We’ve got everything you need to stand out at your Kentucky derby party at Ted’s, and they’re all wardrobe basics you’ll be reaching for time and time again.

Dress Well, not in a Costume

Seersucker suits are great, but they can feel like a costume. For a real preppy touch that you’ll feel comfortable in, start with a classic navy blazer. The blazer should already be a staple in your wardrobe, and when paired with bright accessories, the blazer can really exude that casual elitism that comes with a great derby costume.

Next up is the shirt selection- stick with a casual shirt with a button down collar and a loud pattern or a colorful stripe. The bow tie is a smart decision, but you can also pair a striped or polka dotted tie with the shirt.

For pants, leave the dull pants at home. No khaki or even linen- you need a colorful chino like those offered by Bill’s khakis. We can order the khakis in pink, red, sea foam green and other colors. All of which will pair easily with just about any shirt/ navy blazer combination.

With these tips, you’ll build a great derby outfit comprised of pieces you’ll be wearing all summer. Stop by and we’ll show you your inner derby goer.

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