Dos and Don’ts: White after Labor Day

Labor Day has come and gone, and now you may be asking yourself – can I still wear white? The answer is a firm yes. While some items may need to be shelved until next year, there are many that can take you well into late fall, and others that are appropriate all year long. We’ve compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts that make streamlining your look easy and accessible. The rule of thumb is to keep your whites fitting, is sticking to fabrics that are suitable for colder weather. Select thicker textiles and ditch anything too breezy or lightweight. Leathers, wools, twills, and cottons are safe choices, while anything linen is a no-go. Check out our list below to make sure your look is in line with Fall 2017’s hottest trends.

Do Don’t
White Sneakers White Boat Shoes
White Tees White Linen Shirt
White Jeans White Suit
White Sweaters/Hoodies White Shorts

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