Do You Need a Belt?


We’ve written about the benefits of suspenders over a belt before, but there are some in the menswear community asking if you even need a belt or belt loops at all.

After considering the argument that a belt indicates lackluster tailoring and that the belt also is unsightly, we’ve concluded that the belt is absolutely necessary.

Our best counterargument is belts are needed on any pair of pants that doesn’t hang at your natural waist. Sure, you could go beltless if the slacks could rest at your waist over your hips, but most slacks don’t sit at your natural waist. On modern suits, the pants sit a little lower on your torso and need the extra support a belt offers to keep your pants from sliding down throughout the day.

The second counterargument is that the belt is needed to provide a visual balance to the suit. It does a great job at separating your top half of the suit from the bottom, and with Allen Edmonds and Torino Leather, you can match your shoes exactly to your belt.

So, there’s no need to rip off your belt loops or stress about your lack of a cinch buckle waist. The belt is here to stay.

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