A Case for the Vacation Shirt

Not many articles of clothing garner as much attention –or infamy– as the Vacation/Hawaiian shirt. In 2017, we’ve witnessed the ushering in of “dad bod” and now the Hawaiian shirt is back in full force as a fashion statement. While these shirts have been satirized for their crazy, bold colors and popularity in the retirement subset, celebrities (and fashionable men) are rocking them and looking damn good. Brad Pitt was on the GQ’s Summer 2017 cover (and featured as in the main spread) donning incredibly bold vacation shirts, discussing his divorce and looking devastatingly stylish. Whether you choose the more traditional floral patterns, or go for something more geometric, you can’t go wrong right now. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone or your fresh tan, and wear it with confidence. This look is best suited for spring/summer, beach vacations, and backyard BBQs.

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